Vaccines need to arrive on time and to the right location

Increase revenues and retain customers

Its critical that the vaccines arrive on time and to the right location to increase revenues and secure and retain customers.

  • Real-time tracking vaccine parcels across the primary carriers such as UPS® and FedEx®
  • Monitor vaccine containers across the carrier network to ensure on-time delivery
  • Temperature monitoring for each parcel to prevent parcel distress and reships
  • Ensure the vaccines are delivered within the specified delivery window of time
  • Identify containers that are marked “perishable” to alert staff to refrigerate contents immediately upon arrival

ParcelShield is SOC 2 Type II certification and HIPAA compliance. Learn more

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Solutions Built For

Vaccine Manufacturers and Distributors

ParcelShield® Planner

Prevent vaccine delivery delays before you ship.

ParcelShield® Protector

Take control of your UPS & FedEx vaccine delivery—even through adversity.

ParcelShield® Enhanced Delivery Network™

Say goodbye to distressed vaccine shipments and late deliveries.

ParcelShield® Proof of Delivery

Validate the delivery of every vaccine package shipped.

ParcelShield® SmartView™

Empower your customers with real-time visibility.

ParcelShield® Engage

Enhance your customer communication and reduce costs.

ParcelShield® Tracker

Increase your USPS visibility and vaccine package monitoring.
Improved patient availability and delivery success
ParcelShield® Whitepaper

Merge Manpower with Processing Power

What happens when man and machine start working in harmony? Check out our latest whitepaper for real-world examples of how the most successful specialty pharmacies are combining skilled workforces with machine-learning A.I. to create a better medication delivery experience for their patients.

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Customer Case Study

Prominent Specialty Pharmacy Avoided $13.9 Million in Lost Revenue during Hurricane Irma

A leading healthcare provider with national distribution out of multiple locations across the U.S. was experiencing high re-ship rates due to medications not being delivered by the carriers on the original committed date.
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