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Protecting Patient Wellness with

End-To-End Solutions

ParcelShield® ensures that your parcels are monitored, protected, and safely delivered from your loading dock to your recipient's door. We work with the carriers and communicate with the customers to ensure consistently on-day and on-brand delivery. View our full suite of solutions below.

ParcelShield Planner

Prevent Package Delays Before You Ship
How do you prevent a package from becoming distressed? Avoid shipping it to a distressed area! While that's easier said than done, we've been doing it every day—for over two decades—and we're ready to do the same for you.
ParcelShield® Planner empowers you with:
  • Predictive parcel distress forecasts
  • Machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • Real-time scheduling decisions
  • An intuitive scheduling dashboard
  • Volume management across multiple sites

ParcelShield Tracker

Increase Your USPS Visibility & Package Monitoring
When it comes to USPS deliveries, most patients know shipping disruptions are an inevitable outcome. But with our Tracker technology at your fingertips, you can begin to rewrite those expectations.
ParcelShield® Tracker will help you:
  • Improve the patient experience with automated alert
  • Reduce costly reships and time-consuming WISMO calls
  • Optimize future shipment scheduling with detailed carrier analysis
  • Yield better revenue cycle metrics through higher adherence rates
  • Proactively identify and avoid bad addresses and repeat reships

ParcelShield Engage

Enhance Your Patient Communication & Reduce Costs
Patient engagement—one of the most considerable expenses on any pharmacy's income statement, yet a critical driver of positive Net Promoter Scores. What if we said we could help with both?
ParcelShield® Engage is the best way to:
  • Stay connected with your members and patients
  • Increase engagement quality and frequency
  • Customize campaign management tools
  • Automate refill reminders and time-consuming notifications
  • Optimize your call center staffing and workloads

ParcelShield Protector

Take Control of your UPS & FedEx Delivery—Even Through Adversity
Protection is not a word we use lightly around here. When we say protection, we mean constant monitoring and real-time intervention. In other words, we mean it.
ParcelShield® Protector gives you the control to:
  • Predict shipment distress with our proven disruption modeling
  • Keep patients informed with intelligent, streamlined notifications
  • Re-route or rescue critical therapy shipments in real-time
  • Gain insight into recent disruptions with calamity reporting
  • Protect against audits by keeping thorough transit records

ParcelShield Proof of Delivery

Validate the Delivery of Every Package Shipped
Ensuring a successful medication delivery is one thing. Providing immediate, verifiable proof of said delivery—that meets all minimum standards of your pharmacy—is another thing entirely. This does the latter.
ParcelShield® Proof of Delivery (POD) gives you access to:
  • A fully customizable, web-based user interface
  • Daily reports of successfully delivered packages
  • Alerts for packages that do not meet standard Proof of Delivery
  • Follow-up electronic confirmation with the recipients
  • Standardized Medicare and Medicaid Proof of Delivery information

ParcelShield SmartView™

Empower Your Patients With Real-Time Visibility
What's better than providing your patients with real-time, medication-specific tracking data? Ensuring that information is always within reach. With SmartViewTM's web-based, mobile-friendly interface, it always will be.
ParcelShield® SmartView is:
  • Complete visibility into the journey of every package you ship
  • Available via web-based UI through text or email notifications
  • Fully configurable to reinforce your pharmacy's logo and branding
  • An integrated feedback channel for timely, actionable responses
  • An opt-in experience for additional patient-specific communication
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Improved patient availability and delivery success
Man + Machine Whitepaper

The Science Behind the Solutions

At ParcelShield®, we’ve developed the most robust and predictive parcel planning platform on the planet. It begins with data from the world’s largest carriers. Add to that our proprietary, Weather Farm™ statistical modeling for the most accurate, real-time forecasting. We then feed those 40+ data points through our advanced A.I. that utilizes machine learning to identify trends, dial-in strategies, and adapt on the fly.

Check out our latest whitepaper to learn how artificial intelligence can make specialty pharmacy parcel management more predictable, responsive, and patient-centric in any situation.

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