June 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018 was one of the most active storm seasons on record. With 15 storms (8 of them hurricanes and 2 of them forming into major storms), we barely caught our breath before the 2019 storm season ramped up.

ParcelShield® knows bad weather. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to help protect critical packages during inclement weather, ParcelShield® technology helps ensure the delivery of medications to patients who rely on them – and the word is spreading.

“Using WeatherFarm technology and a machine learning model, ParcelShield® analyzes specific zip codes, deliverability methods, past delivery paths, and weather patterns to prematurely avoid any delivery issues between pharmacists and their patients,” explains ParcelShield® President and CEO, Guillermo Sollberger in a recent Pharmacy Times article covering Hurricane Dorian.. 

Read more on what people are saying about weather emergencies, like Hurricane Dorian, and learn about the steps that are being taken to protect these critical shipments from weather-related delays in the Pharmacy Times article: Ensuring Medication Safety and Accessibility During Natural Disasters.

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