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Protecting Partnerships

We Are ParcelShield®

ParcelShield® is the premier provider of patient medication protection by ensuring on-day delivery, improved compliance, and package rescue when needed. For over 15 years, we’ve helped some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry mitigate risk, maximize profits, and build stronger brand loyalty through an improved delivery experience.
Improved patient availability and delivery success
For Patients Who Need 100% On-Time Service

We Give 110%

When it came to life-critical, time-sensitive medical shipments, there was a gap in traditional supply chains. The pharmacy and healthcare industry needed a solution they could rely on.

Enter ParcelShield—the premier technology and service to protect against whatever life throws at your current carrier.

  • No matter the elements.
  • No matter the conditions.
  • No matter the carrier.

ParcelShield® is an added layer of protection on national and regional deliveries that truly need it, whether the circumstances are extreme or just a result of our normal day-to-day lives.

No other service is as relentless or reliable. And with nearly two decades of experience, nobody’s done it longer.

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Coast-to-Coast Support

ParcelShield® has a corporate office in Orlando, FL.


ParcelShield® team members.

2020 Award-Winner

Winner of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) Strategic Partner of the Year award.

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The Values We Live

At ParcelShield®, we believe the values we live by are just as important as the work we do each day. Together, we RISE.

We treat others the way we want to be treated, including embracing the diversity of others’ experiences, abilities, & contributions.
We always do the right thing for our clients, our colleagues, & company.
We create an exceptional experience by putting the needs of our team members, customers, & communities first.
We are accountable for consistently exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

Join Our Team

At ParcelShield, we’re always on the lookout for strategic and data-driven thinkers to join our growing team. With that said, we don’t just hire based on qualifications alone—we look for those who will be the best culture fit.

  • We’re more than a collection of employees—we’re a well-oiled team of like-minded thinkers.
  • We don’t just punch in a punch out—we get enjoyment and satisfaction out of the work we do every day.
  • We don’t do trivial chatter around the watercooler—we engage in meaningful conversations with one another.
  • We won’t ask you how you’re doing to get the same old canned response—we ask because we care.

If that sounds like your kind of workplace—and you believe you have what it takes —we encourage you to visit our careers page and apply today.

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The Science Behind the Software

Data-Driven Dependability, Demystified

It’s not man vs. machine—it’s the perfect balance of man and machine, working together. So, how does that work?

At ParcelShield, we use advanced machine learning and predictive parcel science to continuously monitor, analyze, and decipher millions of data points, including NOAA weather alerts, historical weather data, and real-time carrier performance data into actionable, scalable insights.

Our proprietary Weather Farm™ technology then uses this data to develop actionable, scalable insights, such as creating statistical models, predicting delivery routes, automating time-consuming processes, and uncovering any patterns that might affect a carrier’s performance.

While this cutting-edge technology has a statistically high level of accuracy, it can only make critical thinking decisions based on information that’s already in its machine learning repository of knowledge.

Thus, a ParcelShield® data scientist is brought in to review the scenarios, remove any outliers, and make a judgment call to override the machine’s prediction if there are new data points that impact the final outcome. By doing so, the data scientist is “training” the system to take these new data points into consideration for all future predictions.

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