Real-time predictive modeling accuracy
ParcelShield® is Here to

Transform and Grow Your Business

ParcelShield® will help you develop more efficient and scalable shipping strategies to drive down costs, maximize on-time deliveries, and keep up with customer expectations.

  • Prevent customer orders from getting lost and delayed
  • Increase visibility and delivery across multiple shipping carriers 
  • Improve customer communication and satisfaction
  • Reduce shipping costs and improve profit margins
  • Capture Proof of Delivery documentation
  • Improve final mile delivery

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Solutions Built For

E-Commerce Businesses

Parcel tracking and monitoring technology combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning to decrease package loss, improve customer experience and increase revenues.

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Prevent package delays before you ship. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Protector

Take control of your UPS & FedEx delivery—even through adversity. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Tracker

Increase your USPS visibility and package monitoring. Learn More.

ParcelShield® SmartView™

Empower your customers with real-time visibility. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Engage

Enhance your patient engagement and reduce costs. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Proof of Delivery

Validate the delivery of every package shipped. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Enhanced Delivery Network™

Say goodbye to distressed therapy shipments and late deliveries with Learn More
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Merge Manpower with Processing Power

What happens when man and machine start working in harmony? Check out our latest whitepaper for real-world examples of how the most successful specialty pharmacies are combining skilled workforces with machine-learning A.I. to create a better medication delivery experience for their patients.

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