ParcelShield SmartView
Pharmacy & Patient-Specific Content

ParcelShield SmartViewTM Provides:

  • Real-time patient medication tracking information
  • A web-based user interface with notifications sent via text or email
  • A fully branded platform to reinforce your pharmacy’s brand
  • Delivery awareness through detailed visibility of the package journey
  • A solution for typical patient concerns and miscommunications
  • One-stop, branded solution supporting all carriers tracking information

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ParcelShield® SmartView™

Key Features & Benefits

Access the Platform How You Want To

In today’s world, providing an intuitive, user-friendly communication platform is crucial to your success. That’s why ParcelShield® SmartView™ is mobile-friendly, can be triggered via text or email, and provides tracking information through an API or web-based user interface.

In addition, your customer support center will have access to a secure-login portal where they can view the same information your patients see, including all communications, delivery activities, and more.

ParcelShield privacy policies and procedures for data security are SOC 2 Type II Certified, Learn More

ParcelShield Smartview

Reinforce Your Brand With Full Customization

ParcelShield® SmartView™ makes it easy to customize the interface with your pharmacy’s logos, colors, fonts, brand messaging, and more. With fully configurable digital dynamic components, you can maintain brand continuity, reduce your operational costs, and protect your patient experience throughout the entire delivery journey.

ParcelShield SmartView

Eliminate the Most Common Patient Concerns

Every day, your patients experience incorrect tracking numbers, inaccurate delivery information, and difficult-to-navigate carrier websites. But with ParcelShield® SmartView™ at your fingertips, you can address these frequent shipping miscommunications and empower your patients through integrated feedback loops and real-time, actionable responses.

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