60 Million
Mail-order prescriptions monitored annually
Mail-order pharmacies growing challenges

deliver prescription drugs quickly and safely to patients

The pressure is greater than ever for mail-order pharmacies to leverage innovative solutions and technology for an optimal customer experience, ParcelShield® can help.

  • Prevent reships and resends of packages
  • Reduce high call volumes and improve net promoter scores
  • Reduce product loss and improve profit margins
  • Improve visibility across all carriers and prevent delays
  • Safeguard patient satisfaction and ensure peace of mind

ParcelShield is SOC 2 Type II certification and HIPAA compliance. Learn more

Solutions Built For

Mail Order Pharmacies

Home delivery medical tracking and monitoring solution combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance patient engagement and increase pharmacy revenues.

ParcelShield® Planner

Prevent package delays before you ship. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Protector

Take control of your UPS & FedEx delivery— even through adversity. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Engage

Enhance your patient engagement and reduce costs. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Tracker

Increase your USPS visibility and package monitoring. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Proof of Delivery

Validate the delivery of every package shipped. Learn More.

ParcelShield® SmartView™

Empower your patients with real-time visibility. Learn More.
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