Pharmacy Solutions
Deliver the Information They Need

Engage Your Patients With:

  • Refill reminders and captures
  • Product recalls
  • Overdue bill reminders
  • New patient onboarding calls
  • Preferred pharmacy & provider reminders
  • Annual plan engagement calls
  • Shipping notifications
  • Delivery confirmation

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Automated Phone Calls
Medication Refill Reminders
Alert About Drug Recalls
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ParcelShield® Engage

Key Features & Benefits

Fully Customize Your Campaigns

With our user-friendly campaign builder tool, you can customize prompts to suit any type of communication you need to make. Once you’re connected to the patient, Engage can quickly and efficiently complete the refill process or route them to your call center, depending on your patients’ preferences.

ParcelShield privacy policies and procedures for data security are SOC 2 Type II Certified, Learn More

Reduce Your Customer Service Costs

Whether you manage the engagement process through a third-party service or an internal team, our technology-based platform will help reduce your overhead costs. With Engage on your side, you’ll pay lower price-per-minute charges to your external communications provider and repurpose internal labor towards more value-added work.

Optimize Your Internal Resource Management

With automated messaging, voice recognition, and one-way/two-way call capabilities, Engage allows you to throttle back your call routing and staffing levels. Take things a step further by integrating and automating your refill reminder scheduling and fulfillment kickoff processes for even more efficient and effective pharmacy resource management.

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