Enhance the Patient Experience

ParcelShield®Tracker Improves Package Delivery and Patient Experience:

ParcelShield® Tracker monitors the packages you ship via the USPS, keeping your patients informed throughout the package delivery process, and reducing your parcel management costs — at all points in transit.

  • When the package ships: “What is the expected delivery schedule?”
  • When the package is delayed: “Is my shipment going to be late?”
  • When the package is waiting: “Is my medication ready for pick-up at the post office?”
  • When the package is delivered: “Was my shipment delivered successfully?”

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Accuracy of our exact-day model, a 171% improvement over USPS


Accuracy of our 2-day window model, a 98.2% improvement over USPS


Accuracy of our variable-window model, a 94.9% improvement over USPS

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ParcelShield® Tracker

Key Features & Benefits

Cut Down on Unnecessary Costs

By utilizing ParcelShield® Tracker, your pharmacy will see significantly increased efficiencies, which will yield better revenue cycle metrics across the board.

  • Reduce call center labor costs by slashing the number of inbound WISMO calls.
  • Reduce reships by minimizing unclaimed return to sender (RTS) packages.
  • Reduce compliance issues by achieving higher adherence rates.
  • Reduce freight expenses by optimizing your carrier service levels.
  • ParcelShield is SOC 2 Type II Certified, Learn More

Improve Your Pharmacy Operations

Receive critical feedback that can immediately improve all future shipment scheduling with ParcelShield® Tracker’s detailed carrier analysis. And with our advanced failed delivery metrics, you can identify bad addresses to avoid unnecessary reships and get those medications where they really need to go—into the hands of your patients.

ParcelShield Smartview

Increase Visibility Across Multiple Delivery Networks

Proactively manage patient expectations and reduce time-consuming “Where is my order?” With ParcelShield® SmartView pharmacy can proactively communication delivery information to patients. With pharmacy-branded, patient-facing UI/UX, ParcelShield® SmartView can ensure patient satisfaction throughout the entire delivery.

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