Safeguard Revenue, Drive On-time Therapy Deliveries & Experience Fewer Distressed Parcels

Ship smarter — from your pharmacy into your patients’ hands – with ParcelShield.


Be Predictable, Efficient & Scalable

#1 Intelligent Parcel Management & Rescue Logistics Solution for Specialty Pharmacies

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 ParcelShield scales to the needs of large & small specialty pharmacies 


The Power of ParcelShield’s Predictive Analytics: Saves Specialty Pharmacy Millions of Dollars

Predictive analytics & statistical modeling provide specialty pharmacies with a look into the future & gives you opportunities to identify emerging patterns that can lead to highly effective parcel management strategies.

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Powerful Proprietary Weather Farm™ Technology

A machine learning technique that constantly analyzes 40 different weather elements that can impact the carrier’s delivery performance.

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What Specialty Pharmacy Patients Think About ParcelShield

“I have two children on growth hormone therapy. For the first time, the carrier did not drop off the boxes without a signature as instructed. They left us a note and took away the medication on ice.

I was pretty upset because it was $12,000 worth of medicine. Before I got home and realized it hadn’t been dropped off, I received a call from ParcelShield to let me know that they were coordinating with the carrier to get the medicine redelivered to my home. ParcelShield’s support team was helpful, empathetic, and totally on top of the situation. The medication was redelivered just a few hours later.”

Becky G*, Mother of specialty pharmacy patients

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