Real-time predictive modeling accuracy
Improve Medication Possession Ratio (MPR)

Optimize and Protect Distribution Channels

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors are grappling with an increasingly complex landscape in which they must manage advanced medications across multiple points of care. It’s a delicate balance of cost and patient care that can strain the supply chain. When your supply chain operates as it should, your entire business benefits. With ParcelShield, you will:

  • Prevent Interruptions in Critical Patient Therapies
  • Predict and Rescue Undelivered or Delayed Medications
  • Optimize and Protect Distribution Channels
  • Improve Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) and Therapeutic Outcomes
  • Improve Your Operational Efficiencies
  • Provide Better Insights and Reporting

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Solutions Built For

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Monitoring and tracking technology with data and analytics combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning to prevent interruptions in critical patient therapies and improve Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) and therapeutic outcomes.

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Take control of your UPS & FedEx delivery—even through adversity. Learn More.

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Increase your USPS visibility and package monitoring. Learn More.

ParcelShield® Enhanced Delivery Network™

Say goodbye to distressed therapy shipments and late deliveries. Learn More.

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Enhance your patient engagement and reduce costs. Learn More.

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Validate the delivery of every package shipped. Learn More.

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Empower your patients and provide piece of mind through real-time visibility and engagement with Learn More
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ParcelShield® Pharma Manufacturers

Key Features & Benefits

Improve Therapeutic Outcomes

Data Intelligence to Protect Patient Therapies and Continuity of Care

  • Track, Monitor and Alert All Stakeholders Throughout Parcel Journey
  • Predictive Modeling Leveraging AI and ML with 18 Years of Data
  • Extensive Digital Patient Engagement
  • Prevent Interruptions in Critical Patient Therapies
  • Safeguard and Improve Patient Satisfaction Through Visibility and Transparency
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Merge Manpower with Processing Power

What happens when man and machine start working in harmony? Check out our latest whitepaper for real-world examples of how the most successful specialty pharmacies are combining skilled workforces with machine-learning A.I. to create a better medication delivery experience for their patients.

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