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Prevent Reships and Resends

Reduce Product Loss and Safeguard Customer Experience

Specialty pharmacy typically encompasses high-cost, high-touch medication for complex diseases. For the patient, not receiving their medication on time can result in huge concerns. That’s a lot to ask of any business, which is why ParcelShield® is here to help. We understand that the patient comes first.

  • No more missed commitments or package delays
  • No more reships and resends
  • No more product loss
  • No more NPS detractors
  • No more inefficiencies
  • No more lost business

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ParcelShield is SOC 2 Type II certification and HIPAA compliance. Learn more about ParcelShield Data Security and Privacy Controls.



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    Specialty Pharmacies

    Medication tracking and monitoring technology combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning to decrease product loss, enhance patient engagement and increase revenues.

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    Prevent package delays before you ship. Learn More.

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    Take control of your UPS & FedEx delivery—even through adversity. Learn More.

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    Validate the delivery of every package shipped with Learn More

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    Increase your USPS visibility and package monitoring. Learn More

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    Empower your patients with real-time visibility. Learn More

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    Enhance your patient communication and reduce costs with Learn More
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    Improved patient availability and delivery success
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    Merge Manpower with Processing Power

    What happens when man and machine start working in harmony? Check out our latest whitepaper for real-world examples of how the most successful specialty pharmacies are combining skilled workforces with machine-learning A.I. to create a better medication delivery experience for their patients.

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    Customer Case Study

    Prominent Specialty Pharmacy Avoided $13.9 Million in Lost Revenue during Hurricane Irma

    A leading specialty pharmacy with national distribution out of multiple locations across the U.S. was experiencing high re-ship rates due to medications not being delivered by the carriers on the original committed date.
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