ORLANDO, Fla., December 7, 2021 — ParcelShield® Holdings, LLC (“ParcelShield”) — the leading provider of technology-enabled predictive parcel tracking and patient engagement solutions for the healthcare industry — today launched “ParcelShield® Proof of Delivery,” (POD) a technology enabled service that provides the ability to validate package delivery on every package shipped from the specialty pharmacies to the patient. ParcelShield® performs an audit of every delivery and ensures proof of delivery will meet compliance standards, validating delivery on every package shipped, with the information expected by Medicare and Medicaid.

The CDC recommendation to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of home delivery of patient medication. And in some cases, this is now the preferred practice for engaging, protecting, and serving this population. A digital receipt that validates proof of delivery from shippers, is a critical component along the final and most costly stage in the delivery process known as the “last mile.”


“With increasing payer audit activities, challenges in the logistics industry and rising drug prices, pharmacies need a turnkey solution that provides the proof of delivery and the necessary documentation to ensure appropriate reimbursement for all prescription orders. ParcelShield® Proof of Delivery enables the validation and compliant delivery data on every package delivered, ensuring pharmacies are reimbursed for every order and preventing costly write-offs,” says ParcelShield® CEO Guillermo Sollberger.


Through the ParcelShield® online portal, organizations access information about the package delivery and can define the proof of delivery standards that is required by package type (cold chain, or ambient). ParcelShield® offers two levels for proof of delivery service. Level I service identifies if the tracking information provided by the carrier meets audit standards. The Level II service captures receipt of valid recipient signature as evidence of package received.


ParcelShield® POD provides standardized proof of delivery documentation and information required by payers including Medicare and Medicaid. The shipper is provided with daily audit risk reports that include a summary of packages that either meet or fail proof of delivery requirements, allowing pharmacies adequate time to obtain proof of delivery from patients long before an audit.


Additionally, ParcelShield® can work directly with patients on behalf of the pharmacies to obtain the proof of delivery, that is needed. ParcelShield® will capture and retain all delivery information and proof of delivery documentation for up to ten years, aligning with most audit requirements.  


ParcelShield® POD is an add-on service to ParcelShield® Tracker and ParcelShield® Protector customers. ParcelShield® Tracker uses automated predictive analytics, machine learning, and Weather Farm™ statistical modeling to track packages that pharmacies ship via USPS. ParcelShield® Protector tracks and detects distressed packages in real-time, and, in partnership with carriers, intervenes to ensure on-time, final-mile delivery of the shipments.


Learn more about ParcelShield® POD here


About ParcelShield

ParcelShield® provides predictive analytics and support services that reduce the risk for shippers and improve patient or end-user satisfaction. Currently focused in Healthcare, ParcelShield® has artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive models that provide real-time, carrier-agnostic, deliverability risk-insight to prevent package distress before it happens. And when disruption and distress are unavoidable, ParcelShield® tracks, communicates, and intercepts critical packages to close the final mile, reduce loss, and deliver for the patient or end-user. For more information, visit https://www.parcelshield.com.