Intelligent Order Scheduling Technology Helps Specialty Pharmacies Predict Package Delivery Success and Prevent Reships and Resends

ORLANDO, Fla.–()–ParcelShield® Holdings, LLC (“ParcelShield”), the leading provider of technology-enabled predictive parcel tracking and patient engagement solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced the availability of ParcelShield® Planner, an intelligent parcel scheduling tool that provides real-time deliverability forecasts to avoid predictable delays and reduce the risk of interruptions to critical patient medication delivery.

Planner leverages ParcelShield’s twenty years of disruption intelligence data combined with its proprietary Weather Farm™ statistical modeling to provide insights into future impacts from weather, natural disasters, civil disturbances, and other disruption events. ParcelShield’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can predict interruptions in the supply chain, minimizing package delays and preventing costly write-offs for specialty pharmacies. ParcelShield® Planner can reduce carrier-related reships by as much as 38.9 percent.

“ParcelShield® Planner allows specialty pharmacies to leverage our proprietary artificial intelligence and predictive models to make informed decisions about when and how to ship critical temp-sensitive medication, and deliver patients the best service possible,” said CEO Guillermo Sollberger. “With ParcelShield® Planner, specialty pharmacies are able to proactively take action prior to shipping, to avoid predictable package delays, reduce product loss, meet manufacturer requirements, and ensure patients receive their critical medications on-time.”

ParcelShield® Planner provides specialty pharmacies with real-time deliverability forecasts to avoid predictable delays and risk to medication. Planner™ calculates shipping recommendations using over 40 data points including weather forecasts, natural disasters, civil disturbances, origin shipping locations, patient addresses, carriers, and airplane flight status. Historical disruption intelligence also helps to continuously identify and track anomalies and provide insight into future impacts and delays. ParcelShield® Planner’s user-friendly interface can auto-populate required fields, allow for manual input, and integrate with dispensing systems. ParcelShield® Planner gives pharmacies one centralized location to manage multiple origin sites, to allow automatic or manual overrides based on volume or operational conditions.

ParcelShield® Planner helps specialty pharmacies improve operational efficiency by analyzing multiple parameters against its proactive disruption models, comparing its insights to the pharmacy’s daily back-end fulfillment capacity, and recommending optimal dates and carrier service levels. This maximizes successful deliveries and minimizes freight and fulfillment costs. The predictive insight is available on the front-end of the delivery process, well before shipping is even initiated.

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About Weather Farm™ Technology

Weather Farm™, a proprietary technology of ParcelShield, helps reduce the probability of parcel distress and optimize parcel rescue services. The technology utilizes a machine learning technique that continually analyzes 40 different weather elements that can impact the carrier’s delivery performance. It combines statistical modeling and a continuous feed of NOAA weather alerts, historical weather data, historical weather impact on commercial aircraft delays and traffic patterns, real-time parcel carrier performance data, and updates on regions with a probability for service degradation.

About ParcelShield

ParcelShield® provides predictive analytics and support services that reduce risk for shippers and improve patient or end user satisfaction. Currently focused in Healthcare, ParcelShield® has artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive models that provide real-time, carrier agnostic, deliverability risk-insight to prevent package distress before it happens. And when disruption and distress are unavoidable, ParcelShield® deploys support services to track, communicate, and intercept critical packages to close the final mile, reduce loss, and deliver for the patient or end user. For more information visit

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