If you’re a healthcare network or academic research hospital that’s either trying to launch or grow your specialty pharmacy, we feel your pain.

For over a decade, ParcelShield has been partnering with stand-alone specialty pharmacies to help them ensure the on-time and safe delivery of their critical medications.

But what makes a critical medication for a stand-alone specialty pharmacy is the exact same thing that makes it critical for a healthcare network.

It will fall into at least one of the these three categories:PAR-519 - Blog - It’s Time For Pharmacist To Be Pharmacist Again-spot 1

  • High Value: You simply can’t afford to eat a $30,000 hemophilia drug if it’s lost or not delivered on time.
  • Thermally Sensitive: Many specialty drugs must maintain very specific temperatures. And, it’s as bad for them to sit on the front porch in a Minnesota winter as it is for them to sit in the back of the carrier facility in a Phoenix summer.
  • Patient Critical: The other two items above don’t matter compared to this one. If your patient is going to miss a dose and impact their medication regimen because a package arrives late or not at all, it’s unacceptable.

PAR-519 - Blog - It’s Time For Pharmacist To Be Pharmacist Again-spot 2Let Us Fill in the Gaps for You

We know that as a healthcare network, your resources are finite and valuable. You likely have pharmacists on your staff that have to pull double duty as logisticians when a package gets lost or delayed.

Plus, you likely don’t have visibility that there’s a problem until your patient calls asking where their package is.

Let our technology-driven platform do five critical things for you:

  1. Utilize proactive order disruption modeling
  2. Handle all the real-time monitoring for all of your packages in transit
  3. Notify you and your patients of shipping distresses
  4. Intervene on your behalf to mitigate or rescue your packages, if necessary
  5. Provide unparalleled analytics around your fulfillment activity and carrier performance

On top of all that, we can integrate with all of your existing last-mile, client-facing processes and PAR-519 - Blog - It’s Time For Pharmacist To Be Pharmacist Again-spot 3systems. This way, you won’t have four different systems that don’t talk to each other and require manual activities to maintain and update.

We have a great blog article on that. Learn more about our last-mile integrations here.

Plus, we’re carrier agnostic, so whether you are shipping FedEx, UPS, USPS, or Regional Carrier, we’ve got you covered.

Drop us a line to find out how we can help save you time and critical resources, so that your pharmacists can be pharmacists again.