Acentrus Specialty Partners with ParcelShield

To improve healthcare quality for millions of patients with predictive on-time delivery of medication and reduce operational costs for hospitals and health systems nationwide.

ORLANDO, Fla., January 17, 2023 — ParcelShield Holdings, LLC (“ParcelShield”) — the leading provider of technology-enabled predictive parcel real-time tracking and patient engagement solutions for the healthcare industry — announced a partnership with Acentrus Specialty, the largest specialty pharmacy network for hospitals and health systems, to provide Acentrus Specialty network clients with ParcelShield’s nationwide parcel tracking and monitoring solutions coupled with package recovery services.

The partnership will provide Acentrus’ network of 140 health systems, academic medical centers, and community hospitals, with access to the ParcelShield predictive analytics, monitoring, and tracking platform that reduces risk for shippers and improves patient outcomes.

ParcelShield medication tracking solution provides greater visibility with real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities throughout the package journey. The proactive insights and analytics help to minimize delays and deliver a better patient experience by preventing delivery disruption — down to the last mile.

“Our partnership with ParcelShield will help to improve the quality of care for millions of patients. With predictive on-time delivery of medications patients will reduce gaps in therapy and improve outcomes,” says Julia Hancock, Vice President and General Manager Acentrus Specialty. “Additionally, this will help improve operational performance and reduce costs for the health systems and hospitals in our network.”

“We are excited to partner with Acentrus to provide their network health system specialty pharmacies with access to ParcelShield’s parcel monitoring and predictive analytics solution,” says, Kirk Nilson, Chief Executive Officer ParcelShield. “We are passionate about ensuring individuals receive life-critical medications on time, to the right location, and improving the quality of healthcare for millions of patients.”

Specialty medications represent the fastest growing sector in pharmacy, with 1-2% of all claims accounting for 50-60% of all expenses. Specialty pharmaceuticals are typically limited distribution drugs (LDDs) available to only certain providers through exclusive networks established by manufacturers.

ParcelShield® helps healthcare providers with real-time deliverability forecasts to avoid predictable delays and risks to medication. The ParcelShield solution calculates shipping recommendations using over 40 data points including weather forecasts, natural disasters, civil disturbances, origin shipping locations, patient addresses, carriers, and airplane flight status.  Healthcare providers can improve their operations by comparing ParcelShield’s insights to the pharmacy’s daily back-end fulfillment capacity and recommending optimal dates and carrier service levels.

About ParcelShield

ParcelShield provides predictive analytics and support services that reduce risk for shippers and improve patient outcomes or end-user satisfaction. ParcelShield has artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive models that provide real-time, carrier agnostic, deliverability risk-insight to prevent package distress before it happens.  And when disruption and distress are unavoidable, ParcelShield deploys support services to track, communicate, and intercept critical packages to close the final mile, reduce loss, and deliver for the patient or end user. 

About Acentrus Specialty

Acentrus Specialty is the largest integrated care network and specialty pharmacy solution for health systems, addressing the largest and fastest growing area of healthcare expenditures by empowering members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective, locally integrated care. This is accomplished through a portfolio of services and specialty pharmacy products, as well as member sharing of clinical and operational best practices. The network of health systems consists mainly of academic medical centers and integrated delivery networks, serving 6 million inpatient admissions annually, treated by over 200,000 physicians.