We’re pleased to announce our newest customer engagement with Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Vanderbilt is the latest academic research facility to recognize the value of our service for their patients. This partnership will enhance Vanderbilt’s exceptional capabilities in providing healthcare services to patients and creating a lasting impact in the industry.

To do so, services will use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to optimize therapy delivery solutions. Services will focus on protecting “critical packages,” which are defined as those that are either high-value, thermally sensitive, or patient sensitive.

ParcelShield will protect these critical packages during the most important delivery stage: the patient-facing last mile, where issues like weather-related delays and carrier error can have significant implications for healthcare organizations and the patients who rely on them.

This partnership marks a shared commitment between Vanderbilt Health and ParcelShield to ensure that each patient’s medications are delivered safely and on-time, which in turn enhances the patient’s ability to follow their regimen and maintain optimal health.

If you’re interested in a customized solution to protect your healthcare organization and its patients, drop us a line.