ParcelShield Announces Agreement With Walmart Specialty Pharmacy to Expand Services

Intelligent Parcel Tracking & Planning Solution and Ensure Patient Medications Arrive On-Time

ORLANDO, Fla., June 30, 2022 — ParcelShield Holdings, LLC (“ParcelShield”) — the leading provider of technology-enabled predictive parcel tracking and patient engagement solutions for the healthcare industry — today announces an agreement with Walmart Specialty Pharmacy to launch ParcelShield Intelligent Tracking and Planning Solution designed to prevent parcel delays before shipping. This enables near real-time tracking and data-analytics capabilities into the location of the shipments and analyze any risk delivery of the packages. The proactive insights and analytics help to deliver better patient experience, preventing disruption across the patient medication delivery journey— down to the last mile.

ParcelShield leverages 20 years of disruption intelligence data combined with its proprietary Weather Farm™ statistical modeling to provide insights and enhanced visibility into future impacts from weather, natural disasters, civil disturbances, and other disruption events. ParcelShield’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can predict interruptions, minimizing package delays. ParcelShield provides actionable insights into the location and condition of temperature-sensitive medications and medical packages, being delivered in cold chain packaging and thermal shipping parcels.

“ParcelShield® is working with Walmart Specialty Pharmacy to leverage ParcelShield’s proprietary artificial intelligence and predictive models to make better and informed decisions about when and how to ship critical temperature-sensitive patient medication, analyze parcel risk throughout the journey, and deliver patients the best experience possible,” said Guillermo Sollberger, CEO of ParcelShield.

With ParcelShield® Planner, specialty pharmacies are able to proactively take action prior to shipping, to avoid predictable package delays, reduce product loss, meet manufacturer requirements, and ensure patients receive their critical medications on-time.

ParcelShield® helps healthcare providers improve operational efficiency by analyzing multiple parameters against its proactive disruption models, comparing its insights to the pharmacy’s daily back-end fulfillment capacity, and recommending optimal dates and carrier service levels. This maximizes successful deliveries and minimizes freight and fulfillment costs. The predictive insight is available on the front-end of the delivery process, well before shipping is even initiated.

About ParcelShield

ParcelShield provides predictive analytics and support services that reduce risk for shippers and improve patient outcomes or end-user satisfaction. ParcelShield has artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive models that provide real-time, carrier agnostic, deliverability risk-insight to prevent package distress before it happens.  And when disruption and distress are unavoidable, ParcelShield deploys support services to track, communicate, and intercept critical packages to close the final mile, reduce loss, and deliver for the patient or end user.