Every year over 1.7 million packages are stolen from people’s porches. The days following Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the busiest for package deliveries and, in turn, holiday package thefts. It’s one thing to be concerned that a holiday gift might get stolen, but it’s entirely different when it involves life-critical medications. 

National Package Protection Day is observed on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving (November 30, 2022). Its purpose is to raise public attention about potential package thefts so everyone can take preventative measures to stop them.

Protecting packages and ensuring that they arrive at the designated location and on time, is important to everyone, especially during the holiday season. Below are a few helpful tips to consider during this holiday season.

Pharmacy Tips to Protect Patient Packages

  • After dispensing the medication, monitor the package proactively throughout the delivery journey. 

Streamlined communications with proactive notifications throughout the package delivery life cycle to increase patient confidence and reduce patient stress.

Use intelligent, proactive notification tools (e.g., emails, and text) to inform patients throughout the delivery journey and notify them when packages experience distress or delay. 

Setting proper expectations with patients will improve customer engagement and alleviate pre-parcel anxiety.

  • Provide patients the ability to monitor the delivery of their medication in real-time.

A UPS study showed 96 percent of shoppers actively track their purchases as they anxiously await their arrival.

Instead of relying on generic carrier-tracking information, give patients personalized real-time monitoring that can monitor and predict on-time delivery across the delivery journey.

Providing patients with proactive monitoring and real-time medication tracking not only eases patient anxieties about potentially lost, delayed or stolen medication while strengthening your brand with customers.

  • Capture proper documents for every successful in-home delivery. 

Have the ability to capture and securely store proof of delivery and any necessary documentation for every prescription disbursed to ensure full reimbursement by the payors.

Avoid costly write-offs by standardizing your proof-of-delivery documentation and information required by payers, including Medicare and Medicaid.