‘Helps Specialty Pharmacies Ensure More Effective On-time Delivery of Critical Medication Therapies’

REDMOND, Ore.–()–ParcelShield, a healthcare technology company that develops high-performance parcel management solutions for specialty pharmacies, today announced that it has received the Strategic Partner of the Year Award from the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP).

“On behalf of the NASP, we are thrilled to present ParcelShield® with the very first NASP Strategic Partner of the Year Award,” said Sheila M. Arquette, RPH, President and CEO of NASP. “ParcelShield’s end-to-end intelligent and intuitive parcel protection — from tracking to intervention to rescue — helps specialty pharmacies ensure more effective on-time delivery of critical medication therapies.

“Utilizing their technology platform, ParcelShield® created an automated patient outreach solution that addresses the challenge of meeting specialty medication delivery signature requirements while reducing transmission risks to patients during the COVID-19 crisis,” continued Arquette. “ParcelShield’s predictive, responsive, and guardian angel type approach is an extension of the white glove, patient centric care model that specialty pharmacy is built on and helps to enhance the patient experience and maximize cost effectiveness.”

“We’re thrilled to be recognized as NASP’s Strategic Partner of the Year! It’s quite an honor to receive this first annual award from the association,” said Guillermo Sollberger, CEO of ParcelShield. “Specialty pharmacies compose our core clientele and we strive every day to monitor specialty medication parcels, ensure patients receive their medication on-time, provide real-time proactive updates to keep patients informed, and rescue distressed packages when needed. While improving patient service is our core mission, we also save pharmacies both time and money by preventing unnecessary drug losses and additional phone calls, caused by preventable delivery delays.”

Since the pandemic outbreak, ParcelShield® has intervened on over 175,000 distressed packages, including physically rescuing and delivering over 27,000 medication orders worth more than $160 million, saving their customers costly drug write-offs. This year alone ParcelShield® will monitor 16 million specialty and cold chain pharmacy prescription shipments valued at more than $95 billion and intervene on or rescue over 400,000 distressed prescription shipments worth over $2.5 billion.

The Specialty Partner of the Year award is given to the individual or company who has made a sustained contribution to the Specialty Pharmacy industry. The award recognizes ParcelShield® for consistently helping members of healthcare teams in the delivery of superior patient care and positive outcomes, as well as its executive team for serving their local community with over 525 annual hours of community service.

About ParcelShield

ParcelShield designs and develops an automated technology platform built on predictive analytics, machine learning, and proprietary Weather Farm™ statistical modeling that helps specialty and home delivery pharmacies gain more control over their shipping, revenue, and patient outcomes. Throughout the entire prescription dispensing journey—from the pharmacy into patients’ hands, ParcelShield® offers consistent assurance of more on-time patient medication deliveries and fewer reshipments shielded against human and carrier error, routing roadblocks, and weather distress. For more information visit www.parcelshield.com.

About Weather Farm™ Technology

Weather Farm™, a proprietary technology of ParcelShield, helps reduce the probability of parcel distress and optimize parcel rescue services. The technology utilizes a machine learning technique that continually analyzes 40 different weather elements that can impact the carrier’s delivery performance. It combines statistical modeling and a continuous feed of NOAA weather alerts, historical weather data, historical weather impact on commercial aircraft delays and traffic patterns, real-time parcel carrier performance data, and updates on regions with a probability for service degradation.

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