Today’s healthcare providers have a unique set of challenges to overcome in

getting medication shipments directly to patients. They must rely on third-party

carriers and shipping providers to deliver critical, high-value packages to the

right address on time. To do this, healthcare providers must master six key

disciplines when it comes to pharmaceutical parcel shipments: 1) predicting the

best carrier and delivery service and when to schedule the shipment, 2) tracking

en route packages to ensure on-time delivery, 3) automated patient outreach

messaging while en route, 4) real-time parcel tracking and visibility for patients

and call center agents, 5) intervening when packages are distressed, and 6)

methods for securing the proper POD to satisfy payer requirements. This report

examines the environment behind these disciplines in greater detail, as well as

the unique challenges that healthcare providers and shippers face through the

lens of Best-in-Class companies.