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Joseph Knight

Vice President of Operations

Joseph literally grew up in the family business. It’s in his DNA. While in middle school, he attended online academy so he could travel for golf tournaments. While on breaks from golf competitions, he commanded a desk in the office to do his school work. During these times, Joseph would spend more time listening to work conversations than doing homework and his time evolved into helping manage parcel data science projects.

While in college, Joseph devoted significant time and attention to ParcelShield, so much so that he ultimately began running all day to day operations. He later accepted an official role as ParcelShield’s director of process improvement, then was recently engaged as the company's Vice President of Operations.

Obsessed with process, structure, and progress measurement, Joseph, today, takes all predictive capabilities built by ParcelShield’s data scientists and ensures they are implemented correctly into technologies and workflows. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and the roll-outs of new software updates, and integrates these technologies with ParcelShield’s call center staff to build accurate, seamless shipping solutions relied on by specialty pharmacies, shippers, and patients across the nation.

It’s been said that science runs in the family. Joseph Knight is no exception."