The Power of Predictability

Efficiency. Scalability. Predictability. 

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We've Got A 'Weird' Science Obsession.

We’re obsessed with machine learning and the power of predicting. In fact, we spend countless hours focused on our 'weird' science figuring out how to provide earlier and more accurate predictions about distressed packages, as well as the probability of distress. And, we’re constantly working to build automated technology solutions that never compromise personalized service.

With ParcelShield, large and small specialty pharmacies get more than just parcel management services. Through an automated technology platform built on predictive analytics, machine learning, and proprietary Weather Farm™ statistical modeling, specialty pharmacies gain more control than ever before over their shipping, revenue, and patient outcomes. Throughout the entire parcel journey — from your pharmacy into your patients’ hands, you gain consistent assurance of more on-time patient medication deliveries shielded against human and carrier error, routing roadblocks, and weather distress.

Our full service “do it for you” (DIFY) and self-monitoring SaaS solutions, allows specialty pharmacies to more effectively and efficiently manage their parcel shipping dollars, reduce reships, and unlock hidden shipping insights including carriers’ cost and performance metrics that are often time-consuming, cumbersome, and difficult to collect.

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Safeguard Your Revenue.

Ship smarter with ParcelShield.

That’s the power of ParcelShield’s predictive analytics, an extra level of intelligence that identifies the likelihood of future shipping outcomes—making specialty pharmacy shipping more efficient, scalable, and predictable.

ParcelShield Recovers $12,000 in Missing Medications for Mother of Two

“I have two children on growth hormone therapy. For the first time, the carrier did not drop off the boxes without a signature as instructed. They left us a note and took away the medication on ice.

I was pretty upset because it was $12,000 worth of medicine. Before I got home and realized it hadn’t been dropped off, I received a call from ParcelShield to let me know that they were coordinating with the carrier to get the medicine redelivered to my home. 

ParcelShield’s support team was helpful, empathetic, and totally on top of the situation. The medication was redelivered just a few hours later."

Becky G*, Mother of specialty pharmacy patients
*Patient name changed to maintain privacy*

Meet the Team Behind the Science

Doug Dawson Headshot
Doug Dawson
Founder & CEO

Doug Dawson is a healthcare logistics trailblazer with over 25 years in the industry.

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Scott Knight Headshot
Scott Knight
Founder & President

Scott Knight not only understands parcel shipment data, but has lived it for more than two decades of his career.

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Joseph Headshot
Joseph Knight
Vice President of Operations

It’s been said that science runs in the family. Joseph Knight is no exception.

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Brian Thomason Headshot
Brian Thomason
Chief Strategy Officer

When it comes to supply chain corporate strategy, strategic, and capital planning, Brian Thomason, MBA, is a one-man think tank.

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David Headshot
David Vediner
Chief Data Scientist

Many people think of David Vediner as a parcel science “gearhead.” And they’re 100 percent correct.

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Justin Merth Headshot
Justin Merth
Chief Software Architect

Justin Merth is  no stranger to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and developing systems architecture.

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